Monday, July 8, 2024

Freedom to Choose Your Working


     Life must have a meaning, and living must have a purpose with different goals and objectives. They determine what you are going to do with your respective goals and objectives.




     Living is about “doing” this and that through your decisions and actions to achieve those life goals and objectives defined by your “being.”

     Who do you want to become? A learner to acquire skills to do what you want to do? A mentor to help others get what they want? An expert to broaden and improve your insights into a special field? You have your freedom to choose.

     Your “being” and your “doing” go hand in hand throughout your consolidation phase. Although they may change over time, they must become your “working”—an essential component of your life and living.




     You have your freedom to choose your working.

     Do you have the education or the skills to do what you want to do?

     If not, then you have your freedom to do something about that.

     If you have self-doubt about your capability to get the education or to acquire the technical skills, then you have only two options: changing your pre-conceived mindset about what you can and cannot do; accepting who you think you are and all the consequences of being your true self.

     The first option is about changing yourself. Life is all about changes and getting wisdom from those positive changes. Without changes, nothing can or will be done and you will just continue to remain who you are. The second option is about accepting a low-paying job, such as working at the checkout of a grocery store.  



     Not accepting a low-paying job while doing nothing to change yourself is your bondage to committing crimes, such as stealing, burglarizing, and robbing.

     The only way to free yourself from your bondage is to become a professional with your expertise backed by related training to earn a higher income; or to start a business with your own innovative ideas inspired by your passion, your motivation, and your perseverance.  

     The bottom line: Living is about doing, and not just about your talking or your dreaming.

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