How to Believe

 Becoming a believer will help you understand the true meaning of "freedom."

Becoming and Transforming

Humility opens the door to God, who never changes Himself, but who forever changes those coming to Him.

At some point in your life, you may begin to sense your own incompleteness, your loneliness, your limitations, your disillusions with human vanity, and you may then begin to turn to God to truly fill and satisfy your inner longing. Yes, your past wayward pursuits in life were all in vain—much like “chasing the wind.” (Ecclesiastes 2:11)  

Now, your belief becomes your becoming, which is self-transformative.

Change is external, and transformation is internal. Change requires you to look outside of you; transformation is looking inside of you. Change may have a negative impact in that you want to get rid of something undesirable; transformation is enhancing something which in good and which is already innate in you. Transformation is the rediscovery of what is already there inside you, but might have become invisible to your naked eye, imperceptible to your mind, and unintelligible to your soul.

The miracle of becoming and transforming is to provide you with new perceptions of your true self—that is, who you truly are in the eyes of God, and not who you wish you were.

Being Conscious

Belief is not about “seeing is believing” or “seeing is understanding.”

Belief is about your consciousness, which is everything in your life: if you are not conscious, you are not living your life, if not already dead.

So, what exactly is consciousness?

Being conscious is a "special quality of the mind" that permits you to know both that you exist and that the people and the things around you also exist. Consciousness is your self-awareness of what is happening around you. You are living in a world of information overload that distracts you not only from turning to God but also from looking truthfully at yourself.

Life is an inner journey that often requires your consciousness of the body and of the mind, together with that of the soul or spirit, to continue making its progress to reach its destination. Sadly, since the beginning of time, many have traveled on their life journey but without reaching their destination because they simply lack their consciousness of the body and of the mind, not to mention that of the soul or spirit, to guide them along the long and winding journey with its many detours and sidetracks.

Hippocrates (460 - 370 B.C.), the father of modern medicine, was one of the first scientists to observe and notice that consciousness came from the mind, created by the brain, and that people with their brain damage tended to lose their mental capabilities. According to Hippocrates, the human mind is created by the brain, and the mind crumbles piece by piece as the brain dies.

The human brain creates the consciousness of the mind, and thus giving all humans their pleasures and displeasures, their happiness and unhappiness, as well as other positive and negative feelings and emotions. These human perceptions become their subjective experiences which are stored in their minds as memories generating their own subsequent thoughts—together they become the byproducts with which they weave the fabrics of the realities in their lives.

Without your own consciousness, you may just obediently follow whatever your mind tells you to do, without seeing how and why you want to do it. In other words, you may have become a slave to your thinking mind, instead of being the master of your own thoughts.

It is through your consciousness that you may gain access to God’s spiritual wisdom. Without that channel of connection, you may knowingly or unknowingly distance, if not separate, yourself from God. So, your consciousness is your channel of communication not only with your true self but also with God.

FREEDOM with BONDAGE shows you how to "free" yourself from your bondage to the flesh.

Stephen Lau

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